growing up…

My Husband and I have bought our first home and take possession in three short weeks.  It’s not what we started out looking to buy, three bedroom and two stories are far from the cute little two bedroom bungalows that kept catching my eye. 

 It feels rather silly to be moving into such a large house when it’s just the two of us.  I think I kept looking at bungalows because they wouldn’t feel so empty.  Two people can fill up a bungalow quite nicely, two stories and you start to hear echoes.

The one bonus to this house is that I’ve claimed the cute little room, the room that will soon be buttercup yellow, as mine.  I’ve gone through our house and picked out the pieces of furniture that will fill it.  I’ve glanced through decorating magazines and know exactly which curtains to hang from the window. 

This is going to be my room, for my crafts and my sewing machine.  My large wingback chair and bookshelf will complete it.  This room is going to make up for all the rooms that will need to be cleaned.  This room will make living so far from where we are now seem worth while.  This room is going to be my refuge, hopefully enough to unleash the creativity I keep pushing down inside, my space of solitaire. 

 This room will make the house feel like home.


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