happy birthday to me…

Today is my twenty eleventh birthday.  I’m not ready to leave my 20’s yet, so just let me have it, okay?

After meeting Jason out in Scarborough after his ultrasound, we decided to go to dinner for my Birthday.  We ended up just at Casey’s, sitting right beside a table that has a lot of great memories for me…

Many moons ago, my friend Jess turned 23.  For this 23’rd birthday, we decided to go to Casey’s for a birthday dinner.  My friend is somewhat vertically challenged (read: short) and still looks quite young.  We had convinced the waiter that it was her 13th birthday and boy was he confused when she ordered a Mike’s Hard!  I still don’t think he believed her ID was real.

But the real fun came when it was time for presents.  Amanda’s was first. 

 Jess reached into the bag and pulled out a package of batteries…  *um… okay…*  Then, she reached in again and pulled out a bottle of Bailey’s… *… weird…*  Then, she reached in again and pulled out a jar of whipped cream!

I believe it was at this point that Tamara turned to Amanda and asked just what kind of a birthday present she had planned for Jess!

I couldn’t stop laughing tonight remembering that night… we miss you Amanda.


One thought on “happy birthday to me…

  1. Marie

    LOL @ your twenty eleventh birthday!!!! I am not so excited about turning 30 in 5 years. Time flies when you get older, so it won’t be long.


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