saving my sanity…

We got the keys to our new house on Wednesday.  We got the keys three hours later then what we had expected, but I’m over that, so let’s move on, okay?

 My first thought when we walked into the house was that it was much dirtier then I remembered.  I mean, we have only seen this house twice since we bought it two months ago, but I didn’t happen to notice the layers of grunge covering everything thing then.

We had our two days off work completely planned to have this place in move in condition by next weekend.  Those plans, however, were ruined when I woke up Thursday morning with pink eye and a sinus infection and an inability to do much more then lounge around the new house winning about how much work there was to do and how I had woken up that morning with pink eye and a sinus infection.

Luckily, Jason’s Father had anticipated my lack of help and had taken two days vacation off work in order to help get the house ready.

Did I mention there was a lot more painting and cleaning then I thought there would be?

Last night, after a full day of scrubbing and painting, the house was no where near where we thought it would be.  I was sulking in the living room when Jason called me that Kristal and Mary were heading over to help us paint.  It seemed utterly pointless.  The place needed SO much more done then we could do in one night to get it back to schedule.

Rule #1.  Never underestimate the power of Mary.

It was as if two painting fairies just swept in and took care of everything for us!  By last night, both living room, Dining room AND Kitchen were painted and beautifully done I might add!  By midnight I was feeling like we could do anything!  Screw the rest of the house, the main floor turned out so beautifully I could just live down there forever.  Which would be much easier then attempting to fix those rooms too.

So now we’re ahead of schedule!  Which is fabulous because tonight is Chanukah dinner.  And, tonights Chanukah dinner is merging three of my friends who don’t normally all hang out together.  Merging of friends is usually so much fun!

And really, things always look so much better when eating Latkas.


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