the evolution of me…

After my bought of pink eye a couple of weeks ago, I had to throw out my (brand new) mascara and eye liner.  Afraid to contaminate new make-up, I braved going out in public without.  Let me tell you, after 15 years of coating myself in colour each morning, this was not an easy task to do.

 Mascara and eye liner are the only make up I’ve been using over this past year.  Absolutely tired of waking up early each morning to apply foundation, bronzer, powder etc, I slowly weeded out my daily routine down to two easy steps that barely took more then a minute.  Maybe two if I was really feeling like being a perfectionist.

 My plan was to wait a week for the pink eye to completely clear up and then crack open my new tubes of shiney fresh, pink eye virus free, mascara.  And then I kind of forgot.  The other day I was in my work bathroom and I took a good hard look at myself in the mirror.

 It was all me. 

It felt really weird… but at the same time, really good.


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