where it all began…

After spending the morning having a pre-Christmas gathering with my family, Jason and I decided to do some last minute shopping.  Fortunately, it wasn’t anything we needed to get done, it was more just a driving around and popping into different stores and not stressing about long line ups because if it was just long, we’d just leave.

Yes, I was able to do my ENTIRE Christmas shopping in just five days.  Because I am just THAT good!

Our last stop of the day was to a small grocery store to pick up butter for my baking tomorrow.  We chose the small store because it was less likely to be crowded and just on the way home. 

 Alas, there was no butter.

It was now after 6, and I was stressing out thinking about going to a larger grocery store that would be open after hours and the hordes of people that it would be filled it.

 So, instead I just called my Mom and questioned her butter supply and if I would be able to borrow some.

And all was good in the world again as my Mom let me know that she had 20 pounds of butter in her freezer and yes I could have three of them.

To you, the fact that my Mother just happened to have 20 pounds of butter sitting in her freezer may seem strange.

To me, it’s just Mom.


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