i’ve already offered to help pay for future therapy bills…

We often make fun of my three year old niece, not to her face of course, but once she’s left the room.  See, my three year old niece is quite particular.  She is very intelligent, she could count to 40 when she was two, she’s mastered basic spelling and can even do a bit of addition.  She’s a whiz at puzzles and loves any game where you have to figure out the answer.  Yes, she’s the apple of my eye and I am biased, but I do think she is just a little bit brilliant.

 But see, with this brilliance there is also a bit of neurosis (isn’t it always the way?).  My niece is one for routine.  I know most toddlers are, but if you attempt to deviate from the routine, the world as we know it comes to an end as she will stand there, eyes wide in astonishment and yells, ‘this is not the way it is done!’.

 I’ve been attempting to unpack my house for the past week with little success.  I keep coming into roadblocks of where things should go and how things should look because this house is very different from the one we just moved in.  I mean, the pots and pans CAN’T go there because they’ve never gone in a spot like that and god forbid we should start now! 

 I’m nearly done arranging my books in the exact positions they were in just a few short weeks ago before they were packed away in boxes, but they still feel so out of their element.  The furniture is arranged in nearly exactly the way it was last time, because that is the right way to arrange furniture and no other way could possibly work. 

For the past few days I’ve been trying to fix the kitchen.  I’ve re-arranged the kitchen several times and nothing just feels right.  I can’t figure it out, where everything is supposed to belong because this kitchen is nothing like the one we just left.

This morning I stood in the clutter, feeling utterly hopeless as I threw up my hands and announced ‘this is not the way it is done!’

And for that bit of neurotic behavious I passed on to my niece, I am sorry. 


One thought on “i’ve already offered to help pay for future therapy bills…

  1. That is awesome. I think this is what’s wrong with my kitchen too. I just can’t figure out the puzzle of stuff, but I know this is not the way it is done!

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