settling in…

Jason finally got my computer connected, so for the first time since we moved in, I’m sitting in my sewing/ scrapbooking/ computer room. 

It feels weird.

 I’m getting used to the house – it still feels to big, but I’ve gotten over that little annoyance by simply shutting the unused bedroom doors.   It’s all mind over matter ;)   At the beginning, I was so looking forward to having a separate rec room so that Jason and I could both do our own things without annoying each other.  However, more often then not I find myself slipping downstairs to watch his programs in the basement because I miss him.  Yes, I am one of ‘those’ girls.

It’s coming together, I love the house, hate the neighborhood, but then again it IS Scarborough, and I was raised to believe that anything more East then East York was the ghetto.  Whatever, I’m getting over it.

I’ve already had two succesful gatherings and am looking forward to many more.  There is still a TON 0f unpacking to do, but I think that I should just start purging rather then trying to figure out where all this stuff will go.   Really, who needs to own 28 wine glasses?  Seriously?

And to finish off, let me leave you with this little exchange heard recently between me and my three year old niece: 

Me:  How much do you love me?
K:  Two
Me:  No, how much do you love me?
K:  TWO!
Me:  K, how much do you love ME?
K:  (exasperated sigh) I LOVE YOU TOO!!


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