ground rules…

Lent has crept up far too fast this year.   I’m gorging myself on chocolate today so that I’m ready to begin my annual ‘giving up of the chocolate’ on Wednesday.  Last year I failed, but the past two I was succesful.

Growing up our religious duties consisted of being sent off to church while my parents slept in, or watched television, or whatever else it is that parents do that you don’t really want to think of when you’re 10 years old.  They were never strict with practicing religion, sure, we only ate fish on Fridays and we still say prayer before big meals.  But we were never a ‘The lord is our shepherd’ kind of family.

The past 8 years that I’ve been giving up something for lent has been not so much for the thanking of Jesus for giving up his life for our sins, but more for a personal sense of accomplishment, of self control. 

This year, as in the past, I’ve decided to give up Chocolate, my achilles heal if you may.  I also want to give up shopping, but with ground rules.

Groceries and food don’t count.  If I’m hungry and need a snack, I can buy a snack.  I can’t buy a frame because I think it looks pretty and know the perfect spot in our house to hang it.  If something breaks, I can replace it.  No buying clothes unless I rip something and need to replace it.  Eating out no more then ONCE a week (and that includes lunch!)! 

Oh yeah.  And I still get to buy a bouquet of flowers once a week for the dining room table. 

Because… well, that’s just good for the soul.


5 thoughts on “ground rules…

  1. Ah ha! And there’s the misconception about Catholics and Lent. It’s not part of the Lent beliefs. We are not supposed to eat meat of any kind (except fish ew) on Good Friday. Some people will apply that to every Friday but it is not asked, nor expect of you :)

  2. I think more severe Catholics do this. That’s why Duckworths always has a line up on Friday nights ;)

    We never ate meat on Good Friday, but it was a free for all the other 51 Friday’s of the year ;) Although, now that us kids have all grown up, my Father doesn’t even practice that anymore!

    Apparently, he was just being a good Catholic to be a good example for the kids ;) Which is kind of funny seeing as how we were sent to Anglican Church and weren’t allowed to attend Catholic School. Man, I thought I would look so cute in those plaid skirts ;) But, my Dad had a bad experience in Catholic school with a Nun and a ruler. He never elaborated much more then that ;)

    Day three. And man, do I really want to go shopping!

  3. Some will refrain from meat on Fridays during Lent, some won’t eat meat on any Friday. My Good Friday meal used to consist of Alphagetti’s :P

    The kilts were interesting. By the second/third week of Grade 9 I had mastered the art of rolling the kilt to make it shorter but keeping the pleats properly aligned. I still have my uniforms, unfortunately I no longer fit in them! lol

    I don’t miss shopping. I’m scared :P

  4. I am jealous of the skirts ;) I tried and tried and my Dad wouldn’t let me go to Catholic School no matter how many times I asked. He caved with my Brother, who spent a year at Neil McNeil. But, after his first year of High School being spent with all boys, he quickly realized that public school was more up his alley ;)

    I made up for it by spending most of my teen years wearing mini skirts, and plaid ones were even better. And yeah, I can’t fit into any of them either ;)

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