travel bug…

In my early 20’s, all I did was travel.  I worked to save money to spend on a trip.  That was my life and it just felt right.  I slowly checked off my list of places I wanted to visit and when I turned 25 I had finally seen them all.

Then I met Jason and my priorities changed.  We started saving for grown up things like houses and cars.  Taking extravagant trips just didn’t seem like what we should be doing at that time. 

 But now…

The travel bug has bitten and I’m ready to plan our next trip.  We’re still just thinking about it.  But, we have our shortlist of destinations picked:

  • Renting an RV and driving across Canada, East.  Because, you know, we’re a 60 year old retired couple.
  • Utah.  To see the mormons.
  • Florida.  To visit Mickey because I’ve missed him over the past 14 years.
  • Las Vegas.  Because, apparently there’s money burning a hole in our pocket that we’re ready to hand over to the Casinos.
  • Paris.  Because… well, because it’s Paris and it’s the only place in the world that can force me to break into tears on a sidewalk just because it’s that beautiful.

3 thoughts on “travel bug…

  1. I apparently have a longer laundry list of travel destinations than you did! Although several of your vaca destinations are still on my list :)

    I may not have travelled in my early 20’s, but I can take comfort that I’m still in my 20’s and ticking places off my list.

    You’re my inspiration – heh.

  2. Really, when I was younger there were only three places I felt like I HAD to see – Paris, New York and PEI. That’s it. Everything else was just like a bonus.

    There’s still stuff I’d like to see, but nothing as strong as my desire to see those. Africa would be nice, but that won’t be happening for many, many years.

    We’ve pretty much setlled on driving East. It’s inexpensive (well, compared to the other choices) and we can be on our own itinerary and just kind of go with the flow. And, it gives us more chances to wear our matching yellow rain slickers ;)

    God – what are we going to do when we get old if we act like this now?

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