dear Tommy

It’s only day two of you staying with us and yet our house is a disaster with toys covering every inch of the living room!  You’re only 22 months, yet you’ve already figured out how to mimic a cyclone in just under ten minutes.

I love you to death and yes, I admit, I am a bit linear (read: anal) but let’s set some ground rules here.   Please oh please, just keep the toys to the carpeted area.  My OCD is in overdrive and I don’t know if I can take much more of finding Little People everywhere!  

We’re going to invent a new game – it’s called, cleaning up after ones self.   You’ll learn to love having everything orderly.  I’ll teach you how to walk through the house daily to make sure every picture frame is straight.  We’ll turn dusting into a race, who can get through the bookshelves the fastest.  We’ll even make a game out of lining up the cushions just so on the couch.

I’m sure you’ll love this new game. 

 Or, at least, an Aunt can only hope.

~Love, Auntie.


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