dear Pier One

When I first moved in with Jason, I felt very grown up.  And, as most grown ups do, I started imagining dinner parties with friends, but quickly realized that our current (his) dish set just wouldn’t make the cut. 

I quickly head over to Pier One Imports, where I knew I would find something that I would fall in love wtih.   It didn’t take long to find something I liked, simple, somewhat reasonable priced and best of all, open stock!  I’m not a good person to buy dishes that only come in sets as I tend to break them quite regularily.

Over the years, I’ve had to head back to Pier One to pick up replacements.  Somehow, I get panicy when our settings fall under 8 people.  What if somebody we had a dinner party with 8 friends and only 7 settings??  Someone would have to use a setting from my Trailfinder set and that would just not do!

Like many times in the past, today found Jason and I heading to P1 to pick up a few replacement pieces.   I got them home, excited to see my dish rack full again and made the discovery…  they changed the colour! 

Okay, so it’s really only off by a shade or two.  And, probably nobody else will notice once it’s covered in food.  But I will always know that’s it doesn’t quite match the others and thus, it is no longer a complete 8 piece set.

And really, that just isn’t acceptable.

~Yours truly, Long time shopper


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