dear Mozart

I’ve had my suspicions, but today they became true when I watched you climb into Tommy’s playpen and urinate all over the matt!  I was really hoping that the car seat incident was just a one off event, but now I’m fearing that you’re much more evil that I oringally thought and are going to turn into one of ‘those’ cats.

I don’t know what to do with you right now.  I’m hoping this is just a phase and something you’re going to grow out of.  Maybe the smell of baby is so sweet you just lose all control of your bodily functions when think of how lovely the scent is. 

Or, maybe you’re just the devil reincarnated and bitting me every morning for six years doesn’t get enough of a reaction anymore, so now you have to start new ways of being evil.

I don’t want to give you away, but the thought of someday bringing our own little baby into the house and having to watch you every minute is just a bit much.  I don’t want to have to remember to shut all the doors behind me upstairs.  I don’t want to worry about leaving a blanket on the floor for more then five minutes in case you attack it.  But, I also don’t want to give you up and not have my cuddle time with you each night.

I’m willing to forgive and forget.  Let’s try and work through this.  Let’s try and forget this incident and maybe start fresh and a non-pee’ing environment.  If you could just stop this behaviour, that would be great. 

For me?

~love, mom


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