dear Megan

This has been an emotional and stressful 36 hours.  It all started yesterday morning when Daddy was bringing you downstairs and slipped on the top step.  I’m still hazy on the exact details of the event, but you both fell down the stairs before crashing into a framed, glass print.   Poor Mommy made Daddy drive all four of you to the hospital without realizing he had been injured as well.   I wasn’t allowed to see your injury as your Mommy didn’t think I could handle it, but I thought of you through the curtains as the Doctor’s and Nurses worked on you.

The people at the hospital were great.  The nurses entertained your Sister while the Police Officer gave you a Teddy Bear to make you feel more comfortable.   They took care of Daddy right away so that he could be by your side.  Like a champ, you took 20 stitches to the forhead, which is an awful lot of stitches for an 18 month old forhead.  Daddy wasn’t so lucky and ended up in surgery that night to repair the damage that was done.

You, me and Katie had a sleepover at home while Mommy stayed until Daddy’s surgery was over.  You proved you were a champ by trying to jump off couches and climb walls, just a few short hours after being released from the hospital.

Today, you didn’t understand why everyone was so jumpy with you and trying to get you to sit still.  You and your Sister were both so happy to see Daddy come home, even if he did look a bit funny with the big cast on his arm and that scary looking bag that held the dripping blood.  You don’t seem to notice that large bandage on your forhead.  You have an appointment next week with a plastic surgeon to assess if they think you will scar and what plan of action to take to prevent it. 

Luckily, you’re only 18 months and scars heal pretty quickly on little kids.  The scars inside your Daddy may take much longer to heal.  We keep telling him that it was an accident, but your Daddy loves you so much and can’t seem to forgive himself for you going through all of this.   You’ll grow up to realize this was just an accident that nobody meant to happen. 

Your scars will fade, you’ll grow bangs, everything will be alright.

And just remember, you’ll totally get a car from your Dad for your 16th birthday now!  Start picking out colours baby.

~love, Auntie Theresa


2 thoughts on “dear Megan

  1. It was pretty horrible. I left work at 9am on Monday when it happened and took Tuesday off as well. I spent the night with Sandy to help wtih the kids and then I took Katie to the mall on Tuesday while she picked up Bill from the hospital.

    They’re all home now and doing okay. Megan doesn’t seem to have any memory at all of what happened. Katie is still a bit funny, but she saw the aftermath, and from what it sounds like, the place was covered in blood, so who knows what she’s remembering. Bill is doing better… he understands it was just an accident, but I think he’s still blaming himself just a little…

    Then, the next day their basement flooded. Sandy thinks the house is mad at her for selling it. I think they couldn’t have bought a new house at a better time ;)

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