that time that I cried at my desk at work…

A few weeks ago, Kristal and I recently discovered the exciting news that the New Kids on the Block were in fact coming back for a reunion tour.   It was at that time, that we made a pact that we would go to this concert at whatever cost.  It’s been 20 years, but I still love them now as much as I did then. The thought of missing the concert didn’t even occur to us, because, well, we were not missing this reunion.

Discussions of flights and hotel rooms came up, but we were relieved when we discovered they were coming to Toronto so we wouldn’t have to go that far.  We had planned out the tickets going on sale next week so that we’d be guaranteed good seats, it was just a matter of time waiting for the release.

Then, yesterday happened.

Yesterday we discovered there were a few, select, VIP ticket packages that included actually being able to meet the New Kids.  Meet as in talk to, have your picture taken with, and even touch!  It seemed too good to be true, but we were both sure that we would beat out the other thousand or so Toronto fans and get those tickets.

And we did.

And about 30 seconds after I realized my computer screen was confirming the tickets were ours, I began to cry at my desk.   Because, my 13 year old selfs dream is coming true.

I will be meeting the New Kids on the Block.  

And, I think I may just pass out when it happens.


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