the time I broke my own censoring rule…

I had originally decided not to publish this post because it’s talking about people from work.  But, then I decided to go ahead and do it anyways.  Kristals post made me think twice about censoring myself on my own blog.  I mean, it’s my blog to write what I wish, right?

 Well that, and because now that it’s one week later, pretty much everyone at work has already heard the stories:

Friday night, I found myself in deep suburbia attending a coworkers wedding. I broke several cardinal rules that night, including the very important; never let your boss see you plastered.

I also discovered that my drunk limit includes one shot, one mixed drink and one bottle of red wine. I think it was the wine that did it.

The night was filled with great friends and lots of dancing. I’m very lucky to work with people that are also friends but sometimes forget that these people see you every day, for eight hours a day and sometimes you need to keep your decorum, even around them. Apparently my coworkers forgot about this too.

At the end of the night, my lovely husband picked myself and three friends up to drive home. It was when dropping C off that things got interesting. Too drunk to make it upstairs alone, I dragged him up to his apartment. After a brief arguement consisting of my repeating “Dude, unless you’ve moved in the past month and didn’t tell me, this is totally your apartment, not the one at the end of the hall!”  I dragged him into the apartment, got him into bed, placed a bucket beside him and let myself out.

The next morning I got a call at 9am from C stating that he didn’t remember anything after 11pm from the night before. I filled him in on the story, explained that I made sure he was okay in his apartment before I left.

He got kind of quiet… Then, told me that when he woke up that morning he was stark naked.

I laughed, told him to keep his eye on facebook for some interesting and incriminating pictures from that night and then quickly ended the call.

I’ll let him stew until at least tomorrow when I admit that the nakedness happened well AFTER I left.


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