Neither my Husband nor I are particularily religious.  We both spent our required time in Church’s as children.  I spent many a Sunday morning learning all about Jesus and all the amazing thing he did.  Jason spent a good part of his early years attending bible studies and youth group meetings.  As adults, we both tend to feel guilty once or twice a year and head for Sunday service, but I wouldn’t call either of us religious by far.

The past four days, Jason has shard a Hospital room with a Pastor.  A nice older man with many of his congregation coming in and out of the room on quite regular visits.  Today, the curtain parted and the pastor let us know that his Associate Pastor, as well as several Deacons were here and asked if we would allow them to pray for us and Jason’s surgery tomorrow.  We agreed and soon after our little partionted area was filled with well dressed church men praying to god to look out for him and take care of him and the Doctors that would be working on him.

When they were done, the Associate Deacon looked at me and said ‘Now, you will see a miracle’.

And, I believe him.


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