This was a post I updated 6 weeks ago on my ‘secret’ website…  I felt it was time to share it over here:


Two weeks ago, my Husband and I were in an accident.  Not just an ordinary accident, but one where when I describe it to people, there eyes start to widen, hands are thrown to their mouths and they can usually get out little more then an ‘oh’ in response.

Somehow, I walked away from the accident with little more then a bruised elbow and many scars deep inside that have been keeping me up at night and making me afraid of everything around me.

My Husband wasn’t so lucky. 

Two days after the accident, we were listening to his Dr’s describing his injuries.  Broken legs, shattered shoulder, broken coller bone and ribs, destroyed knee…  He was going into detail about the upcoming surgeries, their possible side effets.  We learned that he’ll be hospitalized for 3+ months, first in the trauma hospital he’s in and then moved into a Rehab Hospital until he’s ready to come home.  My mind started racing, doing math about disability payments and how I could get our bills paid on them.  Thinking about household chores that my Husband always handles and now I’d have to figure out how to manage.  How can we get our house fixed up so that when he is ready, he has a safe place to come home to.  And then it hit me.  After three years of trying, this was yet another set back for us…

Then, something occured to me.  I did the math.  I started couting days in my mind.  I left the hospital and ran to the store.  I came back and holed myself up in the visitors bathroom.  And then, I came out of the bathroom, crying and almost falling to the floor at my Husbands bed…  And finally, after three years of trying and being dragged 1.5 km’s underneath a transport truck along the highway, I was able to utter those two words to my Husband.

I’m pregnant.


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