The other day, I was talking with some co-workers when one asked me the infamous question.  Will I be returning to the company after the baby is born.  I was thoughtful and I said probably.  With my Husband not working the chances of my being able to stay at home are doubtful.  She corrected herself and explained she didn’t mean will I go back to work, but will I come back to our work or look for something else during my time off.

I looked at her funny and said ‘of course I will, I love my job’.  This set off some sort of discussion on how could I possibly love such a thing.

But see, I do love my job.  Sure there’s things about it that I can’t stand and there’s days when it drives me nuts.  But, I’ve learnt so much over the past 10 months I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  And, from someone who failed grade 11 math twice and is now in the position of Accounts Payable, that sure is saying a lot.

I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else then my company.  The people are amazing, it’s the first place I’ve ever worked where I truly have friends, and my job keeps me interested and constantly learning something new.   The only exception to the rule is being a stay at home Mom.  Otherwise, there isn’t anything else or any other place I could see myself working at.

I’m not the only one out there like this, am I?


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