it’s a…

I had my second ultra sound yesterday… it will the second of many as next week I’m having a fetal echocardiogram and in four weeks I have to go back to check if the level of fluid in the babies kidneys have changed.  I’m not worrying about either.  With all my family has survived over the past 12 months I know that everything will be okay.  From what I’ve read, fluid in the kidney’s at this stage is somewhat common and I figure if my Husband was strong enough to go through open heart surgery to fix the hole in his heart, if required, this kid could too.

The ultrasound was amazing, and before the technician pointed out the sex, I saw it.  It wasn’t hard to miss.  It’s a boy.  And, although I had my heart set on girl, I’m already re-designing the nursery in my mind and eyeing cute boy clothes in the shops.  Boys are fun too, and who knows, maybe mine will still want to play Princess with me.

During the ultrasound while the technician was measuring, there was a perfect shot of the upper part of the baby when his arm moved across the screen like he was waving at us. 

me:  Oh my god!  That was so creepy!
Technician:  Glances over at me with an odd expression
me:  I mean… wow… how beautiful!


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