and end to 2008…

My family had a tradition every year of waiting until New Years day to take down the tree.  The belief was, you want to carry in the old year into the new.   What a better way then with sparkly lights and tinsel!

Jason’s family was different.  They always took down the tree the last day of the year.  This caused some discussion with Jason and myself the first few years we were together.  I was always adament that the tree came down on New Years Day and that was just that. 

This year, I’m not so adament…  on Boxing Day, my Mother in Law came into the kitchen and said ‘You have to take down all these decorations on New ?Years Eve.  We can’t bring 2008 into 2009, we need a fresh start’.  And you know?  She’s right.  And, the past hour has been spent boxing up all our decorations and Christmas’y nic nacks and are waiting by the basement door for Jason’s Dad to come over and pack away downstiars.  

2009, we’re ready.


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