week 26…

There’s only 14 weeks of pregnancy left… well… unless my due date is pushed up at tomorrow’s appointment based on my last ultrasound. 
Which, I suspect it will.

My stomach looks like a road map and is covered with red squiggly lines… but, I’m far past the age of wearing midriff revealing shirts, so I’m okay with them.   My nausea is completely gone and has been replaced with acid reflux.  I’ve been popping Tums like candies just trying to keep it manageable.  I suddenly have much more respect for my own Mother ;)

But the strangest thing about this whole pregnancy is sitting here, typing on my laptop, watching my stomach being pushed and prodded from THE INSIDE!  I’m sorry… yes, it’s magical and beautiful and all that jazz, but really?  It’s also just a bit creepy!  I mean, there’s a living person in my body right now.  Remember that scene in Aliens??  You know that scene… I keep seeing it flash before my eyes when I think about how he’s going to get out.  

At least there’s only 14 weeks left ;)


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