week 28!

As suspected, my due date was moved up back to my original due date of April 9th!  I knew I was further along then that first ultrasound said. 

Now that I’ve been moved two weeks further into my pregnancy, I’m starting to panic at the amount of things we have to do to prepare for the little one.  Hospital registration, pre-natal classes, cord blood registration and let’s not forget the most important, setting up of the nursery. 

See… this is where we hit a little bit of a snag.  Our house is a disaster, to put it in the nicest of terms.  Seeing as how my Husband has been broken since August 1st and my constant exhaustion, nausea, heart burn and just desire to do nothing at all, our house has been neglected.   Now that my Brother and Nephew have moved out and back in with his Girlfriend, we’re ready to set up the Nursey, but the Nursery is still filled with excess furniture in our attempt to have a cute little ‘guest room’.  The office is so crammed with furniture, that you can hardly tell that I’ve never painted the walls and have been living with ‘primer white’ for the past year.  We have so much stuff, that we’re starting to feel suffocated.  Seriously, we’re just two people, why do we have enough furniture to fill three houses!?

Fortunately, my lovely Sister and Brother In Law are on their way over and will spend the afternoon moving all the excess down into the basement so we can very soon set up the cute baby furniture we’re so ready to buy. 

Our Basement Rec Room is now a storage room, but seeing as how my Husband still can’t easily make his way down those stairs, it’s not like we’ll be using that room any time soon.

My April, I’m anticipating having an adorable nursery, functional office and one heck of a large garage sale on our front lawn.


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