29 weeks…

The due date is creeping up on me…  today I realized that it’s now less then three months.  This morning we made a trip to the hospital and registered in the maternity ward.  We also signed up for pre-natal birthing classes, pre-natal breastfeeding classes and infant CPR.  Basically, whatever the hospital offers, we’re taking.

The nursery is still empty, but I’m having a hard time finding furniture that I like.  I’m hoping by next weekend we’ll have that rectified and at the very least have purchased and have a delivery date for the crib.

I still haven’t decided what my last day of work will be.  Yesterday, I was talking to my boss about it and I told him I was thinking of making it March 31st or April 1st.  He looked at me, with that look that he gets when I know he’s thinking I don’t know what I’m getting myself into, and he replied that it’s not giving me very much time before my due date and maybe I should think about leaving a bit earlier.

I guess I’ll just give it another month to fully decide…  I just wish I knew the exact date the baby was coming, that would make this all a little bit easier ;)


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