31 weeks (or, is it 30?)

I have a confession to make… I can’t keep straight with what week I’m in.  I’m 30 weeks and 6 days pregnant, so does that make me 30 weeks or 31?  It’s so confusing, but you should see what happens when people ask how far along I am…  it takes a lot of thinking on my part to be able to answer it.   I  check Becky’s pregnancy ticker every few days to figure out how far along I am.  It comes in handy having the same due date.

Today I had an OBGYN appointment, the start of my now bi-weekly appointments.  My blood pressure was high, again, which has been pretty consistant since the start of my pregnancy.  My Doctor asked if I had benefits at work and if I had disability.  I answered yes and her reply was ‘oh good’.   I have strict instructions to watch out for certain symptoms over the next two weeks and if any of them come up, to call her immediately. 

The thought of  having only two weeks left at work rather then the 6-7 I was expecting is a little un-nerving.  I have a lot to do in case I have to leave, so that I can leave comfortably.  And, thinking of having two months at home with no baby sounds more boring then I could possibly imagine.  Luckily, Jason will be with me, so at least I’ll have some to talk to.

Surprisingly, I’m not all that stressed out over this new development.


3 thoughts on “31 weeks (or, is it 30?)

  1. Glad the ticker is working for us both! So, want to make bets on which one of us goes first? Just a friendly bet amongst friends? I’m putting my money on you. :-)

    You also have us to talk to too!

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