last weekend…

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for work, something occured to me.  This is my last weekend for a year!   With my Husband still on disability, my Sister being a SAH Mom, my Dad retired and my Mom only working a few hours a week, I have a feeling that very quickly weekends will mean nothing and the next 365 days will just blend in together.

It’s surreal to imagine being off of work for an entire year, a little bit exciting and a little bit scary.   I’ m a creature of habit.  Part of the reason that I love my job so much is it’s predictability.  I have daily and monthly duties that have to be done the same times.  For someone who loves routine, this really is the day job.  But, for the next 52 weeks, there will be very little of a routine. 

Even though I keep teasing everyone at work about my year long vacation, I know I’m going to miss them all…  I’m just thankful that I live just down the street from work and if I get bored during the day, there are plenty of people to have lunch dates with or just the occasional drop in ;)


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