time keeps on ticking…

As you can probably tell, I haven’t felt much like blogging over the past little while.  It’s not like I have nothing to say, I do, it’s just the actual act of sitting down, logging in and writing that I’m struggling with.

I’m still pregnant.  I have yet to feel that burst of energy that comes with ‘nesting’ although the baby has dropped and is in place, and has been for a couple of weeks now.  My feet have swollen so much that I had to take the laces out of my shoes because it’s much easier to not tie them up as there’s no way they could fall off if i wanted them to.  Everyone expects me to go soon, but I guess only the little one knows for sure when that will be.

I’ve been off work for nearly a week.  It’s nice, boring, but nice.  Although the circumstances aren’t ideal, I’m so glad that my husband is home with me throughout the day so at least I have someone to talk to.  We’ve even developed the same napping schedule ;)

It’s now been three full days that I haven’t been at work and i haven’t logged into my work email or called them once!  I’m not a martyr, I just worry about my job and things going wrong.  But, considering there is another 362 days before I go back, I think it’s better that I don’t log in or check in. 

In a sudden realization that in a few short (or less) weeks our twosome is becoming a threeome, I’ve realized that I need to get in some social time with friends.  I’ve been a bit of a hermit the past few months and I’m guessing that won’t get better after the baby is born ;)  It’s easier to do now that I have time throughout the day, but man is it hard to get around to get the desire to actually go out!

So, things are going well.  Counting down the days, doing last minute reading and taking classes, trying to get as prepared as we can be.

But mostly, I’m enjoying as much time as I can with my Husband on our own.  It’s just so weird to think that it will never be just him and I again.


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