how to terrify a table full of adults and lose some customers…

Friday night, we headed out to dinner with Jason’s family.  Not the entire family this time, just his parents, Sister and BIL and the little guy.

Dinner was nice.  One thing I’m thankful for is that I get along with my in-laws as well as my own family.  Recently, we had a session with Jason’s Social Worker who asked what life was like for us before the accident.  Work and visiting family was pretty much it.  She laughed as we confessed we spend at least 2-3 days a week with family.

So, back to dinner.   At the end of dinner, the waitress suggested ice cream for the little guy.  My SIL asked if it was a sundae, or just ice cream and did it contain nuts?  The waitress assured us it was just vanilla ice cream, no nuts and then asked if he was allergic, which we all replied yes (new allergy, nobody takes chances).

The ice cream was served, the little guy loved it and had a mouthfull.  The table we were at just happened to be right beside the kitchen opening so we could hear everything going on inside.  All of a sudden, I started hearing arguing coming from inside and someone said ‘The ice cream has nuts in it!’.  Nobody else at the table heard, so I told my SIL to stop feeding him and what I had heard.  At this point, the arguing got louder and now everyone at my table heard the same thing, one person repeating that the ice cream had nuts.  Keep in mind, they were not telling us this information, they seemed to be discussing/arguing this amongst themselves.

My BIL then jumped up to the kitchen window to ask “Did you just say that the ice cream has nuts in it?” and the kitchen staff replied yes.

We sat there, starring at the little guy.  it had been a good minute since his last mouthful and until the kitchen staff finally responded to my BIL’s question.  Nothing was happening.  Should we give him the epipen if he hasn’t started to show any signs??  We were trying to decide what to do, his Mother was on the verge of tears and then FINALLY the waitress came out and said ‘No, the ice cream does not have nuts in it, but it’s not made in a nut free facility’.

There is a big difference between a nut free facility and actually containing nuts.  But, the fact that the kitchen staff was arguing amongst themselves about if it had nuts or not and NOT coming right out to warn us about the possibility is what really made us mad.  It was a good two minutes from when I first heard the statement until the waitress came out.  In that two minutes, what if we had administered the epipen and called 911.   At his age, he shouldn’t have exposure to the epipen if it’s not required. 

Furious, when we got home that night I emailed the owner of the restaurant to complain.  We emailed back and forth yesterday a bit and he confessed that he was in the restaurant that night and he did hear the arguement in the kitchen.  He did agree that it was not handled in the right manner and that someone should have come out right away and warned us.

I’m telling you, in today’s age with nut allergies on the rise and being deadly, I don’t understand how these people aren’t better trained on the topic.  This should be part of orientation 101.  Know your allergies.

The scary thing is, that was the second time this had happened at the same restaurant, just different friend.

I think it’s time to find a new restaurant.


3 thoughts on “how to terrify a table full of adults and lose some customers…

  1. Would this be the same restaurant where the waiter came flying across tables in an empty section of the restaurant to tell me that the ice cream may contain peanuts and not to eat it? Only to be dumbfounded to find out that peanuts are fine? But, oh my, there’s such a thing as a TREE NUT allergy? Good times for allergy sufferers. Good times.

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