still waiting…

Things have been quiet, not for lack of something to write about, but more my lack of desire to log in and actually write.  I’m now officially overdue.  I’m tired.  I’m sore.  I’m wasting matternity leave that I should be spending looking after a baby not sitting on a couch watching 5 hours a day of CSI NY.

We’ve tried a bunch of things to start up this labour.  Jason’s been rubbing my ankles, my cousin taught him pressure points that are supposed to induce labour, but nothing seems to work.  We’ve been on some hour plus walks that just exhausts us and ends with both of us napping away the remainder of the day.  Yet, this kid is stubborn and refuses to leave!  Doesn’t he realize that we finally have his room all set up and ready??

So… we’re still waiting…

Our family drama has begun again for 2009.  This time, it seems to be our extended family that’s been affected.  My Uncle’s Mother passed away the same day we discovered my other Uncle has been diagnosed with cancer.  Things were quiet for the next week until this past weekend when my third and final uncle was hit by a car while riding his bike.  The strange thing was he was taken my ambulance to the same hospital that Jason was after the accident.  Not only the same Hospital, but he’s currently in the same room that Jason was.    I’m hoping this was a wrinkle in our 2009…  it started off so well this year, we were convinced we were going to have a year of no emergencies.   I’m hoping this little trio is the end for the year.

Otherwise, I’ve done nothing since my last post.  Literally, nothing.  Except for willing this baby out ;)  But, I’m even starting to think that THAT’s not going to happen!


One thought on “still waiting…

  1. I got your thank you card! Did you sneak in when I wasn’t there?!?!? You BASTARD…

    LOL ;P

    I’m crossing my fingers for ya that the babs comes out soon! I miss you! :)

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