the time we realized that our neighborhood knows too much…

When we moved into our neighborhood, I wasn’t quite sure about it.  I grew up in an area where it was like small town – everyone was friendly and got along.  You knew your neighbors and talked to everyone.  I was nervous about buying a house where we did because it’s a part of the city that I always thought was not very community oriented.  But, we decided it wouldn’t be our forever home, just a starter home, so I could manage a few years.  

When we moved in, it was winter so we never saw anyone.  The first Spring, we started to see more people out and about, but with our home situation, we were both out quite often during the weekends and never had a chance to even see who our neighbors were, with the exception of the folks who lived on either side of us.  In the middle of the summer was the accident, when Jason ended up staying in the Hospital for three months and I wasn’t home as I was spending my time between work and the hospital.

The past few weeks, we’ve been trying to get out and go for walks.  We’ve slowly, very slowly been meeting our various neighbors and have been surprised at how friendly they’ve all been.   But, what’s stranger is how most of them seem to know the story of last summer. 

Last week, we were taking a walk with the baby and were one street over from our house when a Woman who lived in a house on that street came to the sidewalk to say hello and see the baby.  We had the following conversation:

Lady:  Look at the little baby!  How old is he?
Me:  Just about three weeks old.
Lady:  It’s amazing what you miss in the Winter when you don’t see people, I didn’t even know you were pregnant!
Me:   Yeah, I had a great matternity coat that hid it.
Lady:  Well, I started to think something was going on when I walked past your house the other day and saw the baby swing through the window.  I figured that you either must have had a baby or it was some weird kind of Physiotherapy equipment for you.  You’re still in Pysio right?
Jason:  ….  um…. yeah, I am….
Me:  ……..

This was the first time I’d ever met this neighbor.  She doesnt’ even live on our street.  I guess the neighborhood talks a lot more then we originally thought.


4 thoughts on “the time we realized that our neighborhood knows too much…

  1. I know! The only thing I can think is that she met my parents last summer. My parents were at our house every couple of days during the summer taking care of the lawn and stuff and spoke with a lot of the neighbours. They know more of our neighbours then we do!

    The funny thing was a few weeks ago we met a guy down the street who is really friendly. He was telling us about allt he neighbours and he said, well, you must know Barb. We said we didn’t and he pointed out her house (the woman we met last week) and he said, she knows everyone and knows everything that’s going on in this neighborhood. ;)

    The good thing is, after all these walks we’ve been taking, I realize how much I love this neighborhood.


  2. HAHAHAHAHA OMG THAT’S HILARIOUS LOL For some reason I kept thinking of “Leave it to Beaver” – nosy neighbours, everyone knows everyone, etc etc etc. LOL XD

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