why, I never…

I belong to an on-line community bulletin board for new Mom’s. Someone recently posed the question, what do you do now that you swore that you would never do before you had the baby? At first I thought, well, nothing! But, then I started really thinking about it…

Co-Sleeping: I love co-sleeping with the little guy, even though it drives Jason crazy. I don’t do it as much anyomre, but I used to love falling back asleep after his 4am feeding with him in my arms in bed… but, after Jason told me how afraid he was of it, I stopped doing it. (sigh)

Separating myself from him: For years while we were trying to get pregnant, I told Jason I wasn’t going to be the type of Mom that couldn’t leave her kid. If when he was one week old I wanted to go out with friends, well I would! Yeah, he’ll be 10 weeks old tomorrow and still the most separation I can have from him is when Jason takes him for his 30 minute evening walk after dinner. That’s enough time apart for me thank you very much! The thought of leaving him for anything longer then that makes me feel completely ill.

Being neurotic: If not being able to sleep on your right side because then you wouldn’t be facing the basinet is neurotic… well… guilty I am. In fact, I’m even thinking of moving his crib into our bedroom as he’s getting too big for the basinet and I’m not ready for him to leave our room yet…

It’s funny how the person you were convinced you were going to be before you have a kid doesn’t always end up being the person you you become…


One thought on “why, I never…

  1. When Heidi outgrew her basinette (at around 3-4 months), we brought the playpen in our room which has a deeper bassinette. That was good for another 2 months or so. I wasn’t ready to make the transition from our bedroom to her own – but eventually she was able to sit up on her own and it was too dangerous for her to sleep in the playpen any longer.

    If you’re not ready to separate (which I totally understand!) why not try that for another few months?

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