two month check-up…

We found out our little one isn’t so little, weighing in at 16.2 pounds and 25 inches long. Let me put this into perspective for you – when checking the chart for the average baby weight and height, he’s not even on the chart.

Everything is going well health wise. The Doctor asked if he has started smiling yet. Started?? He’s been smiling up a storm for weeks now and often wakes up in the morning laughing. On his tummy, he can lift his head and look all around the room. And, does he follow you with his eyes? Man, he’s the king of eye contact. At the end of the check up, it was time for our questions for the Doctor:

Me: So, he’s been sleeping an average of 7-9 hours a night, is that okay to let him sleep that long without eating?
Doctor: Oh yes, in fact, he can sleep up to 12 hours a night.
Me: Really?? So… you mean… I shouldn’t wake him up in the mornings to feed him?
Doctor: … um… no.

Last night was the best and longest sleep I’ve had in a long time. Who knew??


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