health education, four year old style…

Tonight Jason, Joey and I went to my Sister’s house for dinner and while I was feeding Joey, my four year old niece came over and asked me to come play with her. I explained that I couldn’t because I was feeding Joey…

Katie: Mommy can feed Joey.
Me: No, I have to feed Joey.
Katie: coming closer and looking at me oddly I want to see what you’re feeding him…
Me: looking at my sister giving her the eyes – do you want to field this one?
Sister: Aunt Theresa is feeding Joey from her boobie.
Katie: hahahahha… no she’s not, that’s silly!
Sister: No, really, when you get older and become a Mom milk will come out of your boobies so you can feed your baby.
Katie: nervous laughter hahaha… you’re funny… walks away

A few hours later, I took the little guy into the family room to feed him again and for a little bit of quiet. I heard Katie come into the house looking for me and my Sister told her where I was.

Katie: I know what she’s doing! She’s feeding Joey from her belly!!


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