baby steps…

I remember back when my Niece was first born, my BIL told us that a babies growth and development was measured in inches. Every small new thing was amazing and exciting and even though it may seem insignificant, it was awesome to watch.

The past three months have been sureal. I can’t even describe what it’s like to watch this little guy become a person. He’s only three months old, but he’s developing a personality that’s all his own. He smiles and laughs and makes jokes and play games. He coughs and then pretends to cough and then laughs just to get our reaction. He farts and poops and then laughs and acts like a little boy, already. He grabs at his toys and shakes them and pulls the cord to make them play music. He amazes us every day with every little thing he does.

Having Jason at home has made this experience a lot different then I thought it would. Our days are spent talking about the colour of poo, how funny his laugh is and calling out to the other to grab the camera or video recorder to capture something else incredible that he’s doing. We just sit there, watching him, playing with him, amazed by him.

We wake up in the morning to the sound of him talking and laughing in his basinet. He hasn’t woken up crying once yet. He’s such a happy little guy I never knew it was possible for a baby to smile as much as he does. Even when he’s sleeping, his lips curl up. I’ve had the best naps of my life over the past three months with him curled up in my arms.

Everything he does, every breath, every sound is absolutely amazing to watch and I feel blessed to be the one that created and carried this little miracle.


3 thoughts on “baby steps…

  1. I’m so glad, and so amazingly happy for you that you get to experience this joy. Totally worth the wait, right? :)

    I remember naps like those… they were the best. Sometimes I even had tucker at my feet at those moments. Thanks for bringing back those memories :)

  2. Completely – and, it’s weird how much I love having a boy. I seriously didn’t think I would love it this much… I can’t imagine at all him being a girl.

    And, even though I’m still pretty sure that he’s going to be it for us childwise, I can totally understand why Women get baby the desire to have another kid when theirs gets older – I already miss him being a just a little, little guy ;)

  3. Just catching up on the past couple months of your blog and I have to say…you are making me want to run out and get my own baby too! It’s so wonderful that you are enjoying being a mother – and you sound like such an amazing one!

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