one year…

One year ago today, we loaded up the car, said good-bye to my Brother who was living with us at the time and headed to meet up with my SIL at the cottage. About 15 minutes after leaving, we witnessed the tail end of a very serious accident. Tires screaching, loud thud and a car speeding off, a woman lay on the road right beside our car. My Husband quickly pulled the car over and ran to the woman, calling 911 on the way. My FIL ran behind him to see what he could do, my MIL stayed in the car obviously shaken over what we had just seen. I ran to the road, searching for any signs of the contents of the baby carriage that was thrown a good 20 feet away from the woman.

It seemed like forever, but finally the police and ambulance showed up. The woman was faiding away, it was obvious to everyone around that she probably wouldn’t make it. We were relieved to discover that the baby carriage wasn’t carrying a baby, but rather the woman’s groceries as she was heading home from the store. Nothing else for us to do, we provided our info to the police and got back into the car to continue on our way to the highway. News crews showing up, I called my Brother at our house and warned him that if he heard anything on the news about a car accident, not to worry, it wasn’t us, we’re all fine just delayed with our travel.

We were all upset, of course, it was a pretty silent car ride after that. About 10 minutes after leaving, we were on the highway and on our way to the cottage. We turned on the radio to the local news station for any update on the woman and the news report stated that she was in critical condition and not expected to survive.

At that moment, the turn signal light of a 53′ transport truck started blinking in my Husbands driver side window as the truck moved over to our lane and changed our lives forever.

Within 20 minutes, the chain of calls happened and everyone in my family was notified. My poor Brother, confused, corrected my Mother and told her no, we were fine, he had just spoken to me 30 minutes ago and I assured him that everything was okay and that we were not in an accident.

There are a lot of what if’s from that night. What if Jason had of asked Father drive the first half of the trip. What if I had of sat in the front seat, would I have pulled him out of the way like his Dad did.

But mostly, I often imagine what if we hadn’t of stopped.


4 thoughts on “one year…

  1. Theresa, was that first accident on Kingston Road? That happened RIGHT at the end of my street…holy cow…you were there too…?

  2. That’s the one. We were driving in the opposite direction of the car that hit the woman. We heard the impact and saw the car drive off, but thank god missed seeing the actual hit.

    Were you there?? We left as soon as the police showed up. Jason was with the woman and I stayed back in a store parking lot.

    The next day the investigating officer called Jasons cell to ask for a statement. I had to explan that he was in the ER – when I explained we were in an accident right after, he actually came to the hospital to see Jason… It was a bunch of kids driving the car. Another car witnessed the hit and chased them until the police caught up with him. Last we heard, she wasn’t expected to make it.

    1. Well the guy sped down our street like lightning – surprisingly not hitting anyone else on the way down. It was a drunk 17 year old driving the van and apparently the poor woman flew up as high as the street sign. She actually survived. I didn’t go up the street to see the commotion until after they took her away cause I can’t handle that stuff.
      I actually felt sick after reading that you guys were there right before your accident. That is totally freaky and disturbing.

  3. That’s so weird that you were almost there the same time we were…

    A few days after our accident, we discovered that my FIL’s Brother had heard the accident from his backyard. Then, a guy that my FIL works with told him that he was behind us on the highway and saw the whole thing. He had tried to give his statement to the OPP, but by that time they had already recieved 28 witness statements. Then, a guy I work with was talking with his friends about it and it turned out that one of his friends was in front of us and watched the whole thing in his rear view mirror.

    None of them knew that it was us in the accident until afterwards when talking with people.

    It was an eventful night to say the least. I totally believe in karma – I know that we did the right thing by stopping, but wonder how it would have been worse if we hadn’t. The poor police officer that was investigating the first accident was SO freaked out by what happened. He came to Jason’s room in the hospital to talk and promissed to take his name off the witness list to not stress him out anymore (that, and we didn’t see the car actually hit the woman) He just kind of shook his head when he was talking to me and asked how it was possible that this could happen to someone that went out of their way to help someone else.

    But, honestly, it could always be worse.

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