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A few days after I wrote my early post about the accidents, Jason and I received a subpoena to be a witness for the accident that WE DIDN’T EVEN WITNESS.  Honestly, we were so confused.  Yes, we gave statements to the Officer who came to visit us in the hospital, but our statements were long the lines of  “I heard a thump, I looked over and saw a Woman lying on the road.  I didn’t see a car drive off or see who it her.”  That was all.  Seriously.

But, we received subpoenas and it is our civic duty after all to go to court.  Okay, I’m not all that righteous – but, I did think about the 34 people who gave their information to be witness at OUR accident and figured this Woman needed all the help she could get.

So, we loaded up the stroller (yes, we took the baby – tacky, but I’m not ready to leave him alone) and headed to the courthouse.  We were fortunate that we didn’t have to wait in the busy, crazy hallway with the rest of the people.  I think the Crown took pity on us having the baby there and he sent us down to a private, cozy, waiting room to wait for our turn. 

In the end, we didn’t have to testify.  The Defendant pleaded guilty – which is good, because I don’t see how any teenage drunk driver who fled the scene after knocking a Woman clear into the air could ever think he could get off on that charge.  The investigating officer came in to tell us we could leave and to update us with the Woman that was hit.

Turns out, not only was she a crack addict, she was also pregnant.  That shocked us.  There were no signs of pregnancy, although being addicted to crack I’m sure would have affected her fetuses size and made her seem much smaller.  I kind of sucked in my breath and held Joey a little tighter.  He then went on to say that she did deliver and at full term too.  Because of her disability as a result of the accident, she had to give her little one up.

I thought about that… a lot.  Thought about how things happen and why.  I started thinking of her little helpless baby inside of her – what it must have been going through each time she did drugs.  What it’s poor little undeveloped brain must have had to deal with. 

The officer told us that she was clean since the accident.   Which makes sense, because spending months in a Hospital makes it kind of hard to get your hands on some crack.  But, I’m sure her cleaning up is what helped this little baby grow to full term.   If you really think about it, would she have stopped using if she hadn’t have been hit?  Would the little one had of made it?  Would he have been born prematurely with a slew of health problems that she wouldn’t have been able to take care of regardless?

It’s amazing how things happen – how the world works.  This baby survived his early years against all possible odds.  He must have been made for greatness.


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