no choice…

When Jason and I were waiting at the Hosptial to be picked up.  A Woman came rushing in carrying a baby and crying.  There was an EMT walking beside her saying ‘Calm down, I’ll show you where it is…’ and off they ran down the hallway.  20 minutes later I saw her again, I was waiting in the pharmacy for Jason’s prescriptions and she came in searching for diapers.  There were only newborn sized. and she was distressed, shaking, holding back tears asking where she could buy size 5’s.  They directed her to the pharmacy down the street.  Five minutes later she was back, still shaking, more distressed looking at the diapers obviously trying to figure out if they could work.  I told her I had size three’s in the car, but it was around the corner.  She looked at me, pleading eyes, asking if I could bring them to her upstairs.  I felt horrible, terrible, but I couln’t.  Joey needed to be fed and I couldn’t make Jason sit in a car in the rain just after being released from the hospital because I could just imagine the pain he was in.  I apologized, told her I couldn’t but went to the shelf to see what we could find that would work.  There were adult sized Depends.   It seemed to be the closest thing that could work.  She looked doubtful, but I assured her she could make it work.  Her baby needed diapers, it’s better then nothing.  If it were my kid, I would have used them.  Then, she brought them to the cashier, $27,98!  I thought she was going to be sick right there.  I came up, pulled out my credit card and handed it to the cashier and told her I’d take care of it.  The woman through up her hands and said no, I can’t let you do that, the tears came in more.  I put my hands around her, told her that I wanted to do this, that I needed to do this for her baby.  I told her one year ago, I was in her shoes and asked her to please let me do this.  I started to cry, she cried.  I hugged her again, patted her back.  I didn’t do it to feel good, I did it because one year ago my life came crashing down around me and certain acts of kindness by strangers is what got me through it.  I did it because hopefully this one little insignificant action will lessen her burden.  I did it so she could go upstairs and hold her baby and sit with her Husband who was just brought in by ambulance. 

I did it because I had to.


One thought on “no choice…

  1. This story could sum up why I think I liked you from the moment we met. It’s amazing what a difference small acts of kindness can make in a horrible day.

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