well… what did I know?

This week, during Joey’s six month appoinment in which we found out he’s a whopping 22lbs 11ounces, I found out he’s further along with his development then I originally thought.

Dr:  So, is he sitting on his own yet?
Me:  Kind of, not really, he doesn’t have really good balance yet.
Dr:  Well, let’s see.
Sits Joey on the table.  Joey sits.  And sits.  And sits.
Dr:  Um… he’s sitting REALLY good.
Me:  Oh!  I just thought he was supposed to sit BETTER at this age?
Dr:  Is he trying to crawl?
Me:  Well, he can kind of move around, but by rolling mostly, I don’t think he’ll crawl for a while.
Lies Joey on his tummy and Joey lifts himself up with his arms and starts crawling backwards into the corner.
Me:  Um…  nevermind…


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