there she goes talking about the kids again…

My parents house is a cute little house.  My Mom has it decorated with quirky little nick naks, antique furniture and pictures everywhere.  The whole house is just adorable with the exception of… the bathroom.  After living in the house for 14 years, the bathroom just got to be too much.  It was an embarrasment really, what with the half white half pink tub, brown tiled walls, a lighting fixture that was probably original to their 60 year house.  It was dirty beyond cleaning, dark, dingy and just… gross.  So, they spent ten days and ten thousand dollars on a renovation that gutted and completely redid their bathroom.  And boy, are they proud.  Yesterday was our bi-weekly family dinner and the first time that any of us kids had seen it.  But really, the best reactions were of my Nieces and Nephews…

3.5 yr old Nephew:   Wow!!!  Continued to run around the bathroom and touch everything and peer into cabinets.

5 yr old Niece:  Oh my!!  huge eyes, open mouthed gawking This is so nice!!

3 yr old Niece:  HEY!  You got a new towel!



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