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A conversation Jason and I had yesterday morning after I asked J if he had got up with Joey in the middle of the night because I didn’t hear him.  J confirmed he had, but it only took about 15 minutes to get him back down.  Aka, the reason why Men aren’t in charge of tracking baby milestones.

Me: Was he awake, awake, or was he just making noises in his sleep and you went into check and picked him up?
Jason: He was awake, awake. He was just sitting up in his crib kind of crying waiting for someone to come in.
Me: He was sitting up? Why didn’t you come get me?
Jason: Why would I come get you?
Me:  Um… maybe becaue it was the first time he sat up from lying down and I’d want to see it!
Jason: No it’s not, he’s been sitting up on his own for a couple of weeks now.
Me: No he hasn’t!!
Jason: Sure he has, he’s done it a bunch of times when he and I are playing on the floor.
Me: ?????


well… what did I know?

This week, during Joey’s six month appoinment in which we found out he’s a whopping 22lbs 11ounces, I found out he’s further along with his development then I originally thought.

Dr:  So, is he sitting on his own yet?
Me:  Kind of, not really, he doesn’t have really good balance yet.
Dr:  Well, let’s see.
Sits Joey on the table.  Joey sits.  And sits.  And sits.
Dr:  Um… he’s sitting REALLY good.
Me:  Oh!  I just thought he was supposed to sit BETTER at this age?
Dr:  Is he trying to crawl?
Me:  Well, he can kind of move around, but by rolling mostly, I don’t think he’ll crawl for a while.
Lies Joey on his tummy and Joey lifts himself up with his arms and starts crawling backwards into the corner.
Me:  Um…  nevermind…

finally… but what…

I’ve been having a hard time posting.  Not for lack of time, but just not wanting to know what to write about.  I could totally gush about how great the little guy is, but post after post of that may get a little tiring.  Then again, it is my blog so really does it matter ;)

I guess I could write about how he stopped sleeping through the night nearly a month ago.  How, before that, he slept through like a champ at the young age of just six weeks.  We have plenty of theories on why this has happened.  It’s karma for bragging so much about what an awesome sleeper he is and we just don’t understand why other babies can’t sleep as well as him.  We wonder if his constant drooling and waking up through the night means that there’s a stubborn tooth that just won’t pop through that’s keeping our little angel from a full nights sleep.  Lastly, I wonder if it’s just this  sleep regression I keep hearing about and get reassured that he will soon sleep through the night again.

Part of me gets frustrated – I know he can sleep through the night.  This waking up at night isn’t consistent, he’ll sleep through for several days and then have a few days where he’s up anywhere from once to three times a night.  Part of me wants to buy books on sleep training to learn what to do to help with his sleep, maybe some of these ‘experts’ can shed some insight on what we need to do to help this along.  It’s not like he’s waking up to play or because he’s awake.  As soon as you place your hands on him in that crib he stops, once you start picking him up his eyes shut again and he quickly curls up into your arms and goes back to fast asleep.  It’s not that easy though, after holding him and snuggling and rocking for a bit when we try to put him back in his crib, his eyes pop open and he cries and cries until you pick him up once again.

Some nights, this works.  Other nights, it doesn’t.  And, to be honest, part of me enjoys these nights.  These nights when I’m too tired to try again and I sneak him downstairs and we cuddle up in the big easy chair surrounded with pillows and blankets.  It’s these nights when we lie there, cuddling, just the two of us, before the sun is even thinking of coming up and it feels as if we are the only two people in the world where I think that all the sleepless nights are worth it for these few moments.

Part of me wonders if he’s waking up because he loves this too.

baby steps…

I remember back when my Niece was first born, my BIL told us that a babies growth and development was measured in inches. Every small new thing was amazing and exciting and even though it may seem insignificant, it was awesome to watch.

The past three months have been sureal. I can’t even describe what it’s like to watch this little guy become a person. He’s only three months old, but he’s developing a personality that’s all his own. He smiles and laughs and makes jokes and play games. He coughs and then pretends to cough and then laughs just to get our reaction. He farts and poops and then laughs and acts like a little boy, already. He grabs at his toys and shakes them and pulls the cord to make them play music. He amazes us every day with every little thing he does.

Having Jason at home has made this experience a lot different then I thought it would. Our days are spent talking about the colour of poo, how funny his laugh is and calling out to the other to grab the camera or video recorder to capture something else incredible that he’s doing. We just sit there, watching him, playing with him, amazed by him.

We wake up in the morning to the sound of him talking and laughing in his basinet. He hasn’t woken up crying once yet. He’s such a happy little guy I never knew it was possible for a baby to smile as much as he does. Even when he’s sleeping, his lips curl up. I’ve had the best naps of my life over the past three months with him curled up in my arms.

Everything he does, every breath, every sound is absolutely amazing to watch and I feel blessed to be the one that created and carried this little miracle.

when Joey can talk, I’ll write more about him too…

Today I went shopping with my Mom, Sister and Nieces. I was picking up some new outfits for Joey (who just turned three months today yet is wearing 6-12 month sized clothing!!) and the girls were picking out a few things for themselves. My four year old niece picked out a cute shirt and had the following conversation with my Mom. It just shows that peer pressure really does begin ealier and earlier.

Katie: Isn’t this a cute shirt? I think Amelia will love it!
Mom: You shouldn’t think about what other people think, the important thing is will you love it?
Katie: looking closely at the shirt Yes, I love it… and… I really think my girlfriends will too!

As I’ve said time and time before… she’s four going on 14…

finally a story about the 2.5 year old…

This weekend found us at my Cousins for a birthday bbq. I plopped Joey on the couch beside my two and a half year old niece to change his diaper. She’s the only one of his cousins that truly takes an interest in him. Upon each visit she makes sure to announce to the room ‘I love Joey!’ at least several times. Changing his diaper beside her, Megan made a very loud revelation to the rest of the room:

Megan: Joey has a peanut!

health education, four year old style…

Tonight Jason, Joey and I went to my Sister’s house for dinner and while I was feeding Joey, my four year old niece came over and asked me to come play with her. I explained that I couldn’t because I was feeding Joey…

Katie: Mommy can feed Joey.
Me: No, I have to feed Joey.
Katie: coming closer and looking at me oddly I want to see what you’re feeding him…
Me: looking at my sister giving her the eyes – do you want to field this one?
Sister: Aunt Theresa is feeding Joey from her boobie.
Katie: hahahahha… no she’s not, that’s silly!
Sister: No, really, when you get older and become a Mom milk will come out of your boobies so you can feed your baby.
Katie: nervous laughter hahaha… you’re funny… walks away

A few hours later, I took the little guy into the family room to feed him again and for a little bit of quiet. I heard Katie come into the house looking for me and my Sister told her where I was.

Katie: I know what she’s doing! She’s feeding Joey from her belly!!