there she goes talking about the kids again…

My parents house is a cute little house.  My Mom has it decorated with quirky little nick naks, antique furniture and pictures everywhere.  The whole house is just adorable with the exception of… the bathroom.  After living in the house for 14 years, the bathroom just got to be too much.  It was an embarrasment really, what with the half white half pink tub, brown tiled walls, a lighting fixture that was probably original to their 60 year house.  It was dirty beyond cleaning, dark, dingy and just… gross.  So, they spent ten days and ten thousand dollars on a renovation that gutted and completely redid their bathroom.  And boy, are they proud.  Yesterday was our bi-weekly family dinner and the first time that any of us kids had seen it.  But really, the best reactions were of my Nieces and Nephews…

3.5 yr old Nephew:   Wow!!!  Continued to run around the bathroom and touch everything and peer into cabinets.

5 yr old Niece:  Oh my!!  huge eyes, open mouthed gawking This is so nice!!

3 yr old Niece:  HEY!  You got a new towel!




A conversation Jason and I had yesterday morning after I asked J if he had got up with Joey in the middle of the night because I didn’t hear him.  J confirmed he had, but it only took about 15 minutes to get him back down.  Aka, the reason why Men aren’t in charge of tracking baby milestones.

Me: Was he awake, awake, or was he just making noises in his sleep and you went into check and picked him up?
Jason: He was awake, awake. He was just sitting up in his crib kind of crying waiting for someone to come in.
Me: He was sitting up? Why didn’t you come get me?
Jason: Why would I come get you?
Me:  Um… maybe becaue it was the first time he sat up from lying down and I’d want to see it!
Jason: No it’s not, he’s been sitting up on his own for a couple of weeks now.
Me: No he hasn’t!!
Jason: Sure he has, he’s done it a bunch of times when he and I are playing on the floor.
Me: ?????

well… what did I know?

This week, during Joey’s six month appoinment in which we found out he’s a whopping 22lbs 11ounces, I found out he’s further along with his development then I originally thought.

Dr:  So, is he sitting on his own yet?
Me:  Kind of, not really, he doesn’t have really good balance yet.
Dr:  Well, let’s see.
Sits Joey on the table.  Joey sits.  And sits.  And sits.
Dr:  Um… he’s sitting REALLY good.
Me:  Oh!  I just thought he was supposed to sit BETTER at this age?
Dr:  Is he trying to crawl?
Me:  Well, he can kind of move around, but by rolling mostly, I don’t think he’ll crawl for a while.
Lies Joey on his tummy and Joey lifts himself up with his arms and starts crawling backwards into the corner.
Me:  Um…  nevermind…

max and ruby…

Okay – so, I’ve started to let Joey watch cartoons.  They’re not THAT bad, are they?  It gives Mommy a few moments of peace a day to do important things like wash the dishes and… er… surf the net ;)   I’m not new to cartoons.  I have plenty of nieces and nephews so I’m well versed on the who’s who of the Treehouse world.  One of the shows I’m not that into, but Joey seems to enjoy (of course) is Max and Ruby.  Seriously.  Where the heck are these kids parents?

That question is one that my siblings and I regularily discuss (sad, yes) as we try to figure out where they are.  You can google Where Are Max and Ruby’s parents and you’ll find a ton of pages dedicated to the topic.  People have plenty of theories, some are quite far fetched.  We’ve come up with some of our own.  Max and Ruby are latch key kids.  Alchoholics passed out on the couch.  The list goes on.  I decided to get to the bottom of it and asked the kids.  My Niece responded just with, there ARE no parents and became quite upset when I pushed the topic.  Like, she didn’t really want to think too hard about it – they just aren’t there, okay?

Then, I asked my 7 year old Nephew wondering what his thoughts were.  He thought about it, seemed as if he’d never noticed it before and finally, after a few moments said “I think that they’re dead”.


Well then.  There you have it.

no choice…

When Jason and I were waiting at the Hosptial to be picked up.  A Woman came rushing in carrying a baby and crying.  There was an EMT walking beside her saying ‘Calm down, I’ll show you where it is…’ and off they ran down the hallway.  20 minutes later I saw her again, I was waiting in the pharmacy for Jason’s prescriptions and she came in searching for diapers.  There were only newborn sized. and she was distressed, shaking, holding back tears asking where she could buy size 5’s.  They directed her to the pharmacy down the street.  Five minutes later she was back, still shaking, more distressed looking at the diapers obviously trying to figure out if they could work.  I told her I had size three’s in the car, but it was around the corner.  She looked at me, pleading eyes, asking if I could bring them to her upstairs.  I felt horrible, terrible, but I couln’t.  Joey needed to be fed and I couldn’t make Jason sit in a car in the rain just after being released from the hospital because I could just imagine the pain he was in.  I apologized, told her I couldn’t but went to the shelf to see what we could find that would work.  There were adult sized Depends.   It seemed to be the closest thing that could work.  She looked doubtful, but I assured her she could make it work.  Her baby needed diapers, it’s better then nothing.  If it were my kid, I would have used them.  Then, she brought them to the cashier, $27,98!  I thought she was going to be sick right there.  I came up, pulled out my credit card and handed it to the cashier and told her I’d take care of it.  The woman through up her hands and said no, I can’t let you do that, the tears came in more.  I put my hands around her, told her that I wanted to do this, that I needed to do this for her baby.  I told her one year ago, I was in her shoes and asked her to please let me do this.  I started to cry, she cried.  I hugged her again, patted her back.  I didn’t do it to feel good, I did it because one year ago my life came crashing down around me and certain acts of kindness by strangers is what got me through it.  I did it because hopefully this one little insignificant action will lessen her burden.  I did it so she could go upstairs and hold her baby and sit with her Husband who was just brought in by ambulance. 

I did it because I had to.

no title to think of…

A few days after I wrote my early post about the accidents, Jason and I received a subpoena to be a witness for the accident that WE DIDN’T EVEN WITNESS.  Honestly, we were so confused.  Yes, we gave statements to the Officer who came to visit us in the hospital, but our statements were long the lines of  “I heard a thump, I looked over and saw a Woman lying on the road.  I didn’t see a car drive off or see who it her.”  That was all.  Seriously.

But, we received subpoenas and it is our civic duty after all to go to court.  Okay, I’m not all that righteous – but, I did think about the 34 people who gave their information to be witness at OUR accident and figured this Woman needed all the help she could get.

So, we loaded up the stroller (yes, we took the baby – tacky, but I’m not ready to leave him alone) and headed to the courthouse.  We were fortunate that we didn’t have to wait in the busy, crazy hallway with the rest of the people.  I think the Crown took pity on us having the baby there and he sent us down to a private, cozy, waiting room to wait for our turn. 

In the end, we didn’t have to testify.  The Defendant pleaded guilty – which is good, because I don’t see how any teenage drunk driver who fled the scene after knocking a Woman clear into the air could ever think he could get off on that charge.  The investigating officer came in to tell us we could leave and to update us with the Woman that was hit.

Turns out, not only was she a crack addict, she was also pregnant.  That shocked us.  There were no signs of pregnancy, although being addicted to crack I’m sure would have affected her fetuses size and made her seem much smaller.  I kind of sucked in my breath and held Joey a little tighter.  He then went on to say that she did deliver and at full term too.  Because of her disability as a result of the accident, she had to give her little one up.

I thought about that… a lot.  Thought about how things happen and why.  I started thinking of her little helpless baby inside of her – what it must have been going through each time she did drugs.  What it’s poor little undeveloped brain must have had to deal with. 

The officer told us that she was clean since the accident.   Which makes sense, because spending months in a Hospital makes it kind of hard to get your hands on some crack.  But, I’m sure her cleaning up is what helped this little baby grow to full term.   If you really think about it, would she have stopped using if she hadn’t have been hit?  Would the little one had of made it?  Would he have been born prematurely with a slew of health problems that she wouldn’t have been able to take care of regardless?

It’s amazing how things happen – how the world works.  This baby survived his early years against all possible odds.  He must have been made for greatness.

finally… but what…

I’ve been having a hard time posting.  Not for lack of time, but just not wanting to know what to write about.  I could totally gush about how great the little guy is, but post after post of that may get a little tiring.  Then again, it is my blog so really does it matter ;)

I guess I could write about how he stopped sleeping through the night nearly a month ago.  How, before that, he slept through like a champ at the young age of just six weeks.  We have plenty of theories on why this has happened.  It’s karma for bragging so much about what an awesome sleeper he is and we just don’t understand why other babies can’t sleep as well as him.  We wonder if his constant drooling and waking up through the night means that there’s a stubborn tooth that just won’t pop through that’s keeping our little angel from a full nights sleep.  Lastly, I wonder if it’s just this  sleep regression I keep hearing about and get reassured that he will soon sleep through the night again.

Part of me gets frustrated – I know he can sleep through the night.  This waking up at night isn’t consistent, he’ll sleep through for several days and then have a few days where he’s up anywhere from once to three times a night.  Part of me wants to buy books on sleep training to learn what to do to help with his sleep, maybe some of these ‘experts’ can shed some insight on what we need to do to help this along.  It’s not like he’s waking up to play or because he’s awake.  As soon as you place your hands on him in that crib he stops, once you start picking him up his eyes shut again and he quickly curls up into your arms and goes back to fast asleep.  It’s not that easy though, after holding him and snuggling and rocking for a bit when we try to put him back in his crib, his eyes pop open and he cries and cries until you pick him up once again.

Some nights, this works.  Other nights, it doesn’t.  And, to be honest, part of me enjoys these nights.  These nights when I’m too tired to try again and I sneak him downstairs and we cuddle up in the big easy chair surrounded with pillows and blankets.  It’s these nights when we lie there, cuddling, just the two of us, before the sun is even thinking of coming up and it feels as if we are the only two people in the world where I think that all the sleepless nights are worth it for these few moments.

Part of me wonders if he’s waking up because he loves this too.